How to Identify Original Branded Products While Shopping Online

Shopping online is always a thrilling experience. You have vast variety of products and lots of brand names to fetch which are otherwise difficult to find in physical stores. But there are still bits of doubts. You might see brand names or label tags and fancy appearances of products but there is hard to find the original branded products. Let’s see how you can look for the original branded products while shopping online.

Explore the Description First

Online shopping marketplaces always demonstrate the description of products they are selling. There are relevant images which represent the appearance as well as there is textual form which elaborates features. You can observe this in many renowned online shopping platforms in Pakistan such as Daraz and even at some newly launched online shopping stores like Just view everything carefully. If you require a Chanel ladies’ handbag, just compare the features with Chanel’s official website. If you see any difference, there might be an issue and avoid buying that product. Also compare the images and look for the variation.

Check Design of Logo

Logo is identification of any brand. Fake products will have bit of difference. There might be change in color or shape. Some fake designers are expert in creating the exact copy of original product. But there is usually the alteration in font style. Notice these points carefully before picking the right merchandise.

Look for Customers’ Feedback

 For any marketplace, customer is the key to unlock the success bond. Check whether customers are satisfied with respective product or not. This can be noticed by the feedback of customers in form of comments and ratings on product’s webpage. If the ratings are good, this means the product possesses good qualities. Comments are more detailed version of feedback. You can clearly understand which things buyers are liking or what they desire to have in products.

Price – Well This Matters a Lot

Other than discounts, prices of remarkable brands are usually high. This illustrates the excellence of product quality. If you notice a significant decline in cost, there is definitely something wrong. Sometimes product images or description might not be enough for defining the original brand but price might help. Also explore what price the original brand is offering. If there is difference, it is good to avoid that item.

For avoiding the hassle, it is best to follow above points while shopping online. Once you have bought the fake product online, it will become difficult for you to return it or buy a new one from the same online portal.

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