Iftar At Daar Cheeni With No Namaz

So we went to Daar Cheeni the other day for iftar buffet. It was packed, we had our booking sorted already so there wasn’t any hassle! The buffet was huge! There was everything traditional for iftar, you can think of. The food had a lot of variety too. And taste was not that bad either. Service was pretty decent, but 6 people were served only six dates ( I mean, one per head?? – khair ignored)
But everything wasn’t hunky-dory! While everything was going okay, there came a time when we had to offer namaz. Good thing-there was quite a spacious place for guys to offer prayers – *quite impressed*! And women were sent upstairs to do theirs. So we had just one girl in our group, who was led to the namaz area by a waiter.
She goes to the first floor, found two doors, opened both, turned out to be their work areas. Next comes the second floor, a door over there, opened and closed immediately. Finally directed upstairs to the roof! A DESERTED ROOF TOP, with a lot of open space and a four corners walled area – supposedly a changing room for the workers (2 workers were present there at that time). Looking around, surprised, the girl asked where is the praying room – madam yeh khuli jaga, yahan darri bhi bicchi hai! There wasn’t a single girl praying (no wonder why not). The whole roof top area was too shady for a girl to pray alone and the apparent prayer mat was as dirty as it could be! And on top of that there wasn’t any light arrangement other than workers room!
May be DAAR CHEENI guys think women in lahore don’t offer namaz so there isn’t a need for a proper place! Or women might get indulged in such extravagant food so much that they would forget about namaz! Or probably they are discouraging women to come for iftars because “khawateen tou ghar main hi acchhi lagti hain”!!!
I seriously despise the idea of having flamboyant iftar buffets and charging an arm and a leg for it, but fail to allocate a reasonable place for prayers! I am sure 99% Muslims come for iftar at DAAR CHEENI and trust me they offer prayers too. And if they don’t have the *proper* facility, they should mention it upfront! Our whole experience became otherwise after this!
We might have left with a smile on our face, but we carried hate in our hearts while leaving!
Something to be paid attention to, please. We go there to have a good time, good food and good experience. Please provide us all these things when we are giving you all the money you ask for!

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