Careem Drives More Smiles; Rewards Captain for his Hard Work

Pakistan, March 20th 2017 – Drawing on its transparent approach to making a difference in people’s lives, the region’s leading ride-hailing app, Careem, has decided to reward one of their Captains with an Umrah package for him and his family. Careem is known to set precedents for its employees by rewarding them for their honesty and hard work by incentivizing with unique ideas such as this one. This helps build focus on reinforcing Careem’s position as an employer of choice with a highly motivated and engaged workforce.

This particular success story came to the surface when the company rewarded said Captain for his hard work and disciplined resilience. The Captain managed to successfully keep his approval ratings and earnings the highest amongst other captains, all the while staying online at the job for 12-14 hours a day; over a consistent period of 3 months. Careem, acknowledging the Captain’s incredible work ethic and diligence, has offered him a chance to perform Umrah alongside his family as a reward and encouragement to perform in the same way or better in the future.

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In this case, an example of friendly competitiveness is built within the employees by the company for them to aspire to do better and improve Careem’s place in the market. This is another of the many positive steps Careem has taken to promote its local talent pool and is aligned with the understanding of its employee’s needs.

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