Shield Celebrates World Oral Health Day 2017 With #ShieldYourSmile Campaign

Maintaining oral hygiene is an integral part of having good health and leading a healthy and active life. 20th March was observed as World Oral Health Day across the globe and Shield took a wonderful initiative by celebrating World Oral Health Day 2017 with #ShieldYourSmile Campaign with a focus on bringing tangible change in oral health awareness.

Shield celebrated WOHD 2017 in a very responsible manner by holding seminars, answering questions and providing information about oral health to everyone they could reach with a vision to promote oral health and hygiene in daily lives of Pakistani citizens. On top of it, they also offered free dental checkups in leading Dental Colleges & Medical Universities.

Here are a few snippets and tweets from #ShieldYourSmile campaign.

  • Try to brush your teeth after all meals, but the minimum amount of time you should brush your teeth is three minutes at least twice daily (morning and night).
  • There is a direct relationship between the health of your mouth and your overall physical health.
  • Over 75% of us don’t replace our toothbrush head every 3 months like our dentist recommends and it’s much more than just a hygiene problem! Refreshing your toothbrush is crucial to ensure a healthy and clean mouth.
  • Untreated tooth decay in the primary teeth are among the top 10 most prevalent of all conditions!
  • Visiting your dentist every 6 months is always essential to keep your mouth healthy.

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