Opium Wok Rice and Noodle Bar Launched by Opium Thai

Opium Thai, one of the best Thai restaurants in Lahore, has launched Opium Wok Rice and Noodle Bar in an exclusive event attended by a number of celebrities and bloggers.

The launch event took place on the 17th of March at Opium Chinese and Thai and was attended by a number of celebrities, bloggers, socialites and representatives of media. A combination of red and black in the decoration of interior along with the warm lighting and chit-chat of the attendees while staff took their orders and promptly served Opium Wok rice & noodle bowls made the event worth attending.

At the Opium Wok, the customers can just walk up to the bar and have a customized rice or noodle bowl prepared right in front of their eyes by the best chefs and experts in the area of Thai and Chinese cuisine. The kitchen is an open space where the chefs prepare the food right before the customer engaging them in the process of food preparation.


Two representatives from Soul.pk attended the event, the order sheet given to us presented a three-step ordering process. We were required to select rice followed by sauce and meat to complete the bowl. I tried egg fried rice with Thai sauce and prawns while Mr. Tanveer ordered brown rice with Thai sauce and fish.

The Sauce

The Thai sauce tasted like signature Opium cuisine and is the sole reason I cant stop coming to this place.


Rice were aromatic but I doubt they were the usual egg fried rice served by the restaurant, it looks like Opium Wok is offering a toned down version of egg-fried rice in the bowl.

Meat/ Prawns

Prawns were cooked right and tasted great. It felt like they were cooked separately because the Thai sauce had not made its way and bonded its flavour with the meat.


Here’s the real issue. We are Lahoris, we appreciate fine dining but the quantity must be right. After eating the rice bowls, we still had longing for food and went out to have some more food.

Final Verdict

The rice bowls are great, especially if you appreciate authentic Chinese, Thai and Japanese cuisine. However, we would recommend Opium Thai to increase the quantity as your customers will still be longing for more food after finishing their bowl.

Let’s have a look at some snaps from the event:

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A statement from Opium Wok read:

Opium Chinese and Thai has had a long standing commitment to its customers for delivering the excellent food combined with the best of service. Opium believes that food, and in particular good taste in food is achieved through practice and innovation. It is these values that Opium has kept at heart in opening Opium Wok Rice and Noodle Bar.

The PR of this event was managed by Transmedia Digital Solutions

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