3 Things That Make Emporium Khaadi a Great Store

Khaadi is a popular brand among Pakistani women. It specializes in “hand-woven” technique products, specially a wide clothing range for women in Prét wear. Emporium Khaadi has just been launched which promises to be one of the best outlets of Khaadi in Lahore. Here are three reasons why its a great store and must be visited:

Its in Emporium Mall

The new store is in Emporium Mall, which is one of the best places to shop in Lahore. Facilities like ample car parking, good security, awesome environment and a plethora of brands and restaurant at one place along with a Children’s play area and a huge grocery super market make it the destination of choice for many buyers.

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Its has a Kids Section

Emporium Khaadi features a Kids section where you can get awesome kids-wear and make sure their wardrobe is as trendy as yours.

Emporium Khaadi Even boasts a Men’s Section

Apart from usual hand-woven and Pret wear, Khaadi store at Emporium also offers unstitched lawn, children’s clothing, shoes, bags, jewelry and even Men’s Section. it features Kurta and Kurta-Shalwar along with other clothes for men.

So, Emporium Khaadi is a perfect place for entire family to shop and the fact that it is in Emporium Mall means you can pop-in when you want to eat-out or after buying your monthly groceries. Oh, and did we mention that stunning and colourful Summer 17 collection is out, so hurry up and make sure you get the best before anyone else.

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