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A legacy that began in 1927, H Karim Buksh has always been known to serving us for generations. It is acknowledged for several firsts that ran the retail industry and contributed to it constantly. In addition, the capacity to pioneer new ideas has complimented to its nature of accommodating the latest needs of the customers.

With its vision and enthusiasm, HKB has proven itself once again in the retail industry as it recently came out with a revamped store in Liberty. Promising a complete shopping experience, we came across a modernized sets of departments from groceries, cosmetics, crockery, home décor to the most recent bakery.

This year’s highlight therefore, is the new and improved look that HKB has launched. The revamped grocery section at HKB has surely been an entirely new experience. A homely atmosphere with a large variety of essentials including the freshest fruits and vegetables, were all staged in a way to ensure convenience and value at the same time.

Moreover, HKB’s cosmetics section was no less of a deal than any of the other sections. The restructured setup and an endless list of make-up products will require you to pause for a moment and process the whole paradise experience. From high-end, imported brands like Urban Decay, Anastasia Beverly Hills, Kylie and many more that are not so widely available in town, to more affordable ones like Flormar and Sweet Touch, this place has absolutely everything!

Moving onto the fourth floor, the Crockery & Home Décor section is surely not worth missing out on. Want a fancy dinner set? How about a sleek and modern tea set? Or are you up for some traditional and comfortable bed spreads? You know exactly where to find it all!

Bundled up in a complete package, HKB is the store for all our needs. Even the sweetest ones that can now be satisfied by our very own Kitchen Cuisine that has finally opened at HKB Liberty! This means you can shop till you drop, and then cake-up your energy so you can continue with the rush! So for all the people who still haven’t checked out the all-new, revamped HKB, it’s all right here and it’s all under one roof!

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