Izhar by Film Fellowship Launched to Empower Youth Via Filmmaking

Morango Films has launched the ‘Izhar by Film Fellowship’ to provide a platform to the youth which aspirer to express social issues through filmmaking. The first film fellowship program, with the support of UN Women, aims at creating awareness on the social and political rights of women. It is open for applicants – aged 18 and older – from all over Pakistan who are interested in raising their voice through visual media. Izhar by Film Fellowship will start accepting applications on 13th December, 2016 for its first round.

This fellowship intends to encourage participants to create awareness regarding the social issues and rights, and to voice the solutions that promote the spirit of responsible citizenship. Four areas of focus will be focused on to achieve this objective:

  • Harassment-free workplaces/educational institutes
  • Women’s access to safe public spaces
  • Internet safety for women
  • Women’s political rights

The top 60 applicants will be chosen for the fellowship training course for the initial phase. The applicants will then be trained in filmmaking following which they will submit films. Alongside this, a call for entries will also be made from the public for film submissions. The best 3 fellows of this program will be awarded with incentives.

Morango Films has been involved in promoting positive social change through a wide range of its services. By focusing on the activities pertaining to awareness and education, Morango Films aims to enforce the values of peace, tolerance and civic participation through different media platforms.

For all the details regarding the program, dates and eligibility criteria, please visit the website.

Submit your applications by filling out the form available on our website: http://izharbyfilm.com/

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  1. Asmat kakar
    February 1, 2017

    Name: Asmat Ullah
    S/O: Khudai Rahim
    R/O: Killi Saran Zai, Hanna Wrak
    Job title: nil
    Fellowship was awarded on the idea of ” Learning and Practicing Documentary Making on Life Style of the Shepherd”.
    Fellowship awarded on: 1st July 2012 .
    Fellowship concluded on: 11 April 2015.
    Fellowship details: Fellowship support was mainly a contribution to the livelihood for Asmat that will help him to work on his own learning area independently.

    During this fellowship support Asmat Ullah has practices in the following areas.

    Documentary: The life of shepherd, hand washing, one minute Documentary on the shepherd life,
    Partnered in the films: Child rights, Critical Education System, Documentary on IDSP’s program of Child Protection, IDSP’s University of Community Development, IDSP’s course of Dress Designing. 2 documentaries on IDSP’s Midwifery course.
    Short film: On the theme of tolerance and H.I.V.
    Organized short course of theory and practice: 10 day theory and 10 day practice
    Contributed in the overall conduction and management of One year film making course of IDSP that was conducted in Karachi
    Contributed in the learners field supervision and supported the learners on field during film shooting of the learners.
    Contributed in teaching film and documentary making in a one year film making course of IDSP.
    Managed financial advances in the film making course.
    Engaged various resource persons for the delivery of session in film making course of IDSP.

    Why take admission

    I am working with IDSP as a Fellow for “Film for Change”, during the fellowship i have learn about the Film Making, Documentary making, Script writing, idea developing, Teacher to the Students of Filming etc, I want to develop Film for Change idea to develop the learners / students about the Film and through film they will deal with their own area challenges and support their communities through this media.
    I am belong to the area where a need film making, therefore i am willing and interested to learn the higher course from the izhar film and replicate these course in our own community.

  2. Asmat kakar
    February 1, 2017

    I am asmat kakar form Baluchistan I am working on this idea film for change lest 3 yerse I won’t to help in film making & I am film maker I mic documentary film for the social change

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