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Janaan is an upcoming romantic comedy movie Directed by Azfar Jafri and produced by Rehman Khan, Hareem Farooq, Munir Hussain and Imran Raza Kazmi. It is expected to release on Edi ul Adha 2016 in 13 countries.  It stars Armeena Rana Khan, Ali Rehman Khan and Bilal Ashraf in the lead roles.


Janaan is a Pashto word, it has same meaning as the Urdu word Janaan (with a silent “n”) i.e. beloved. Janaan is a movie based on a moderate Pashtoon family. It is an emotional drama and an amazing blend of love, familyhood and social issues. The film indirectly addresses the issues of illiteracy, child labour, child abuse, women empowerment and tends to portray a softer image of Pakistan. Janaan addresses the issue of child labour in an indirect way, to keep it decent yet effective. Mature viewers will have to read between the lines to understand the indirect scenes.

Jannan consists of young, fresh and talented lead cast. Asfandyar (Bilal Ashraf) is a philanthropist who runs a small school, which provide free education to needy kids of Swat. Asfandyar has a responsible yet introvert personality. Meena (Armeena Khan) lives in Canada and is visiting Pakistan to attend her cousin Palwasha’s (Hania Aamir) wedding ceremony. Palwasha is getting married to a Punjabi guy named Sameer (Usman Mukhtar) who is trying his best to impress the Pashtoon family. Daniyal Khan (Ali Rehman Khan) is Asfandyar’s cool cousin. He is addicted to social media and never let any chance to flirt with a beautiful girl in vain.

Here is a short interview video in which cast of Janaan is describing their roles.

The main focus of the story is on love triangle of Asfandyar, Meena and Daniyal. I am not in favour of spoiling your movie so I won’t discuss it in much detail. The film is picturised in Swat but do not focus much on scenic beauty of the beautiful valley. Cinematography, makeup, costumes, styling everything ware amazing and near to perfection. There is always room for improvement but overall they did a great job here.

There are no remarkable songs except the title song Janaan and Pashto song Reidi Gul. It was not much of a musical movie but all the music used was according to situations. A beautiful Pashto song Reidi Gul was also part of movie, being a Punjabi I was unable to comprehend it but still I loved it. The intensity of emotional drama was kept bit low despite of the presence of a love triangle. In various scene Bilal and Armeena were overdressed. They are wearing same sort of formal dresses for movie night at home and on Palwasha’s wedding day.


Bilal Ashraf’s acting is not up to the mark, still he played his character well. His marvelous screen presence compensated a bit for acting. Armeena acted better than my expectations but still failed to impress. Her acting has significantly improved compared to Bin Roye. Ali Rehman’s acting is admirable, he undoubtedly stole the lime light. His role was mostly humorous but there were serious and emotional scene too, he dealt well with all situations. The senior supporting cast stood out, particularly Nayyar Ejaz played the villain beautifully as usual. Ajab Gul and Mishi khan also played their roles very well.

The script isn’t powerful enough but it isn’t exactly bad either. Janaan has some quality humour, there are no vulgar or cheap jokes. Most of the humours part is played by Ali Rehman. The dialogues and punchlines are crisp and perfectly timed. Janaan has few romantic scenes but they are performed in a very decent way. Somehow the chemistry between the lead cast is missing. Pashtoon weddings are full of customs and traditions which are avoided to make the movie moderate. Still the wedding scenes are bit dull, the number of people attending ceremonies are insignificant. The wedding ceremony was not even close to the Pashtoon culture. Better wedding scenes could have made the wadding scene livelier.


The best thing about Janaan is that, it’s not inspired by Bollywood in any possible way. Janaan sets the precedent that Lollywood can make quality films without following foot prints of Bollywood. Janaan has provided a new direction to our film industry, which may lead us to a much needed identical identity. Despite of some lacking overall film is amazing and heart touching. Three Pakistani movie are launching on this Eid ul Adha. The director Azfar Jafri is asking all of you to watch all three of them, watch his and team Janaan’s video messages at bottom of the post.

Janaan is an amazing blend of love, romance, emotions, familyhood, culture and social issues. Its a film you can comfortably watch with your family.

Message from team Jannan


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