Interview With Azfar Jafri, Director Of Film Janaan

I got a chance to have a chit chat with director of film Janaan at a blogger meet-up arranged by Walnut at Pizza Hut, Lahore. He was very friendly and I enjoyed talking to him while other bloggers were busy in taking selfies with lead cast. Following is an extract from my conversation with him.


How was the Janaan’s cast’s overall attitude during the shoot?

I have worked with various teams in my career. Team Janaan was most cooperative team I have ever worked with. I will love to work with them again.

I asked young lead actors to let me record scenes of senior actors on priority, none of them objected at all. They were cooperative throughout the soot.


Who did the post production of the film?

Post production was held at “Kantana” Bangkok, Thailand by Yash Raj Films. There were short listed by us from a list of many prospective production houses.


Why you don’t have sound track from any famous singer?

Services of any famous singers were not acquired as we needed songs suiting situations, instead of picking songs and fitting them into scenes.


How much it took to shoot the film?

It took 24 days of shooting to complete film


What was the budget for Janaan?

Approximately PKR 70,000,000


Why senior actors from cast are not part of promotional campaigns?

Most of them are busy in other projects, so it is not convenient for them.


Reham Khan is also one of the producers of Janaan, why she is not part of any promotional campaign?

It was her own choice, she don’t want to add any political colour to the promotional campaign of the film.


What are your thoughts about Bilal Ashraf?

Bilal Ashraf is straight forward about everything, he told me during auditions that

“I don’t know much acting. I will follow your instructions and will give my best”.

He did really well! There is much more potential in him, yet to be unleashed.


Do you have any projects in the pipeline?

I am working on a comedy film right now. I assure you it won’t be consisting to lame or vulgar jokes. You can expect some quality comedy, I can’t confirm the cast yet.


Do you think timing of Janaan’s launch is appropriate?

In my opinion this is best time for launch of Janaan. More movies will create a bigger market and overall revenues will increase. I don’t think viewers will watch just a single film this Eid, I expect film lovers to watch all of films releasing in Pakistan. I have faith in my work I am not afraid of competition.


Any unfortunate incident from shooting?

A Man got on fire while igniting a building for film’s scene, Bilal Ashraf’s shoes also got fire. Both of them were rescued without any damage due to presence of first aid team.


Would you call Janaan “Your Film!”?

This is not just my film, input from every single person part of Janaan team (including the man who got on fire) matters for the quality of film. I worked with the producer closely to ensure right blend of creativity and marketability. Janaan is a product of dedicated team work.


Your final words about team Janaan

All lead team of Janaan is almost new to film industry, yet I can see much potential in them. I would love to work with this team again. I wish best of luck to each of them for their respective careers.


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