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Janaan is an upcoming romantic comedy movie produced by Rehman Khan, Hareem Farooq, Munir Hussain and Imran Raza Kazmi. It is expected to release on Edi ul Adha 2016 in 13 countries.  It stars Armeena Rana Khan, Ali Rehman Khan and Bilal Ashraf in the lead roles.

The trailer was recently launched and has impressed the masses. I am positive about this movie, at least it does not look like a drama to me. Janaan seems to be an interesting mixture of happiness, comedy, love and sadness. I found it quite cliché because of the very common love triangle revolving around the lead roles, leading to misunderstandings followed by a happy ending. But this perception was changed by meeting the cast of film.

I got a chance to interview the cast of Janaan for few minutes on 3rd September 2016. The interview video is made using front camera of my cell phone attached on a selfie stick. The whole cast was too friendly and cooperative. I asked each of them about their respective characters in the film. They all described their characters and how they feel attached to them. I was curious about the story of Janaan which seems to be a love triangle of three lead characters. Bilal Ashraf made me more curious by saying that “May be there is a love triangle, may be not”. So it seems that story has enough twist. Bilal Ashraf assured that Janaa is a family movie and will entertain viewers for sure.

They also recorded a message for and asked public to play their role by supporting Pakistan cinema. I had an ambiguity about the name of film, in my opinion the last “n” word Janaan is silent. I asked team and director for clarification, the explained that last “n” jo Janaan isn’t silent. It’s a Pashto word with same meaning as Urdu word Janaan (with silent “n”).

We need to support cinema and movie makers should take the criticism positively to work for its improvement. I wish luck to the team Janaan and hope that the film will prove to be a catalyst towards revival of Pakistani cinema.

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