A Real Beauty Can Only Be Seen or Touched, But Not Felt?

This is the general criterion for majority of the mothers, when they start searching brides for their sons. And those sons might not be the descendants of Prince Charming, but who cares? As long as their pockets are full, they will be the most eligible bachelors (or even not) to marry off our precious daughters with them.

But on the contrary, a girl with a slight imperfection would be considered less than a sheep! Despite of her all other qualifications and abilities, she would be rejected so many times, that her family out of frustration would marry her off to an aging man or some widower with five to six kids!

So how this gruesome mentality prevails in our society? Why a woman is blamed for the things which are not in her hands? Why can’t we see the perfect golden heart beneath her imperfect body?

Now, Geo has raised voice against this brutal perception and asked brain throbbing questions in the drama serial “Thoda Sa Aasman”, written by Umera Ahmed upon the problematic and freedom-less lives of the women, belonging to different socio-economic classes of our society. A character Fatima, (excellently played by the multitalented actress, YasraRivzi) who is an unmarried woman with a dark mark on her face which irks her family, who are extremely worried for her marriage and that’s why accept the proposal of a father of four. Fatima doesn’t seem to be interested in marrying anybody and have her own ambitions for life! But her family never understands her and always pressurizes her to get married as soon as possible!

With this story and many others, the drama serial put extensive light on this matter as we all know much a woman values her beauty and looks and it’s already a lifetime trauma for her to live with! So why worsen it? Why can’t we just try to lessen their pain and make this world a better place for them? Just think about it!

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