Telenor Rawaan – A Journey Of Love

Pakistan is a land of love, peace and beauty. Law and order situation has negatively effected image of Pakistan in recent past. We are a loving nation with a beautiful country and we need to rebuild our image. For this, we need to practically love our people and country. Pakistan is a land full of beautiful landscapes and most of which are still unknown to a common Pakistani. We have a rich cultural heritage which we need to preserve in-order to progress. Despite of heavenly beauty, unfortunately tourism in Pakistan is still not recognized as an industry.

I don’t watch television much but missing Telenor’s Rawaan Video was somehow inevitable. It was everywhere and everyone was talking about it. Before actually watching it I was already almost in love with it, because of the way people were admiring it on social media. They launched it just before 14th of August when patriotism was on peak in all Pakistanis. When I asked people of twitter what did they liked most about this TVC this is how they responded.

Hashtag #TelenorRawaan was used on social networks for this campaign. I was so tempted to watch this video that it was not possible to wait for a TV channel to play it. I just searched it on youtube and watched one of the most incredible video portraying beauty and cultural heritage of Pakistan. Still much more beauty of Pakistan is needed to be unveiled. Here you can watch what I am talking about.

The way the researcher in the video is travelling and recording voices of nature and singers with heart-warming vocals, is really interesting. #TelenorRawaan covers various beautiful landscapes and historical assets of Pakistan in just 7 minutes. It’s simply an eye candy for beauty lovers, I admired its every scene and viewed it countless times to enjoy it to fullest. Complementing the amazing video the play back song made the experience immensely beautiful. You don’t even need to understand the lyrics to enjoy #TelenorRawaan song.

“Oh Bhit Ja Bhittayi” is a famous folk song with a sufi spirit. It’s a song that touches one’s soul and its touch leaves a long lasting effect. Melodious voices of Asrar, Zeb, Akhtar Chanal & Shani Arshad made the song more beautiful.

It took them 23 dedicated days of shooting and almost a month of post-production to complete this video. The video covers locations from all four provinces of Pakistan. Telenor has played a much needed positive role to represent our beloved country in the right way!




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