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We have witnessed many new Pakistani movies in past few years, which changed the overall persona of Lollywood for good. Most of the critics and film makers are calling it a revival of Pakistani cinema, I have also been viewing it in the same prospective previously. But now I have realized that we still need some quantum changes in film industry, instead of focusing on business only. film makers need to work on the quality of direction, script, acting and story. Of course it is understandable that this industry is sort of infant and film makers need to experiment all sorts of movies to acquire understanding of public demand. But it’s still not a valid excuse to make senseless movies, just for the sake of producing a movie.


Indian actor Sonu Sood gave a cameo appearance in the film Ishq Positive. The lead characters are Rajjo (Noor Bukhari) and Wali (Wali Hamid Ali Khan) who face numerous emotional dilemmas as they are supposed to marry someone they don’t really love. The story is all about the way Wali and Rajjo fall in love, the first half of the film is brutally dragged and consists of vulgar and low quality humours scrip. With various direct and indirect adult jokes, the film cannot be called a family film in our society at least. The story and script are pathetic, especially in the first half. The second half is comparatively more interesting and sensible yet it lacks story line.


Ishq Positive is loaded with 9 songs which means it’ll be an eye candy for the audience who is more interested in songs rather than story. The most positive thing about Ishq Positive is the amazing picturisation of the tracks. Other than picturisation all songs are also melodious and beautiful. I don’t think any other recently released Lollywood movie can compete in music with Ishq Positive. Locations used in the movie are amazing, the first half is mostly filmed in northern areas and hill stations of Pakistan. There is also an item song performed by Sana Fakhar which adds some spice to the movie. Picturisation of most of the songs is inspired by Bollywood.

The film is directorial debut of Noor Bukhari, it is said that initially Sangeeta was appointed as director but Noor took over the seat at midst and redirected the whole film. It is evident that Noor Bukhari failed as a director. I have seen some people calling this movie an experiment. I utterly disagree! As there was nothing new in this screen play, we can call movies like Chambeli, Moor, Manto, SwaaRangi & Mah e Mir as experiments but Ishq Positive is not eligible to be called an experiment.

ishq +ve

Coming to the acting side Noor did a nice job in contrast with other cast whose acting is mediocre. The character of Rajjo is bit incompatible with Noor as she is bit overage and overweight for it. Wali looks more like a grown up kid to her, hence the chemistry between two is unaesthetic & dull. There is a little canoodling too but the couple failed make enough steam and do not seems to be compatible enough. Wali did his acting debut and his acting skills failed to impress at all. With a strong musical family background Wali forms to be an impressive singer and I think he should confine himself to what he is really good at. Other cast includes Faria Bukhari, Saud and Durdana Butt. Faria Bukhari’s acting was unimpressive but other two played their roles well.

I disagree with the point of view that we should unconditionally support revival of Pakistan film industry. If film makers kept making movies like Ishq Positive it can become reason of another downfall. Ishq positive may gain some business due to its songs, otherwise unfortunately there is nothing worth watching in this movie.

It can be rightly said that Ishq Positive is a “love story” lacking a “story line”.




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  1. Anusha Khawajah
    July 24, 2016

    Review on point! 😂

    • Abdullah Sulehri
      July 25, 2016

      Yeah! Thanks!:)

  2. Nawal Shahid
    July 24, 2016

    Hahah thanks to your review now i wont try to watch this pathetic movie 😂

    • Abdullah Sulehri
      July 25, 2016

      So I just saved the day! 😛

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