Ufone Comes Up With A Pleasant Surprise This Ramzan

With all the positivity around in the month of Ramzan in Pakistan, Ufone has decided to play its’ part. Ufone will be endorsing three initiatives by some very considerate Pakistanis. In the race of maximum sales, where other companies have been investing heavily on the likes of celebrity endorsements, this step by Ufone can truly be a milestone.

Thousands and lakhs of Pakistanis do not earn enough to provide themselves with a meal twice a day. This sad reality was taken very seriously by Parveen Saeed in Karachi who founded Khana Ghar. Khana Ghar is an organisation that provides food to the poor at minimal rates in order to protect their integrity. Ufone has supported this initiative by creating awareness regarding it on all media platforms.

Same is the case with the Deewar-e-Mehrbani in Peshawer set up by a group of boys called Wadaan. This wall of kindness allows citizens to, at all times, donate and give to the needy. Which serves the entire purpose of Ramzan, to sacrifice.

The third initiative is Operation Eid Child by Sharmine Aziz in Islamabad who gives out little boxes of joy to little souls who wouldn’t be able to afford it otherwise. She even makes sure these boxes are distributed even further.

Sporting the true essence of Ramzan, Ufone sacrifices on its’ own publicity to sponsor and endorse these initiatives for public awareness. This talks about Ufone as a brand but also encourages these initiatives and inspires people to leave the comfort of their home to do something for people who weren’t blessed with it.



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