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The persona of Pakistani cinema is rapidly changing and the stereo type low quality films are vanishing with time. It’s amazing to witness how hard directors actors and producers are working for rehabilitation of Pakistani cinema. Lollywood has reborn! Fortunately directors are experimenting with different ideas and making all genres of films.  Here we have another experiment Mah e Mir, directed by Anjum Shahzad, produced by Khurram Rana, Sahir Rasheed, Badar Ikram and written by Sarmad Sehbai.



Mah e Mir is neither just a biography film nor an ordinary art film. It indulges viewers in lives of three different people, all having three things in common Love, Madness and Creativity. The connection between the lives of the main characters Jamal, Mir Taqi Mir and Dr. Kareem is strong. Jamal is a journalist and a modern poet trying to get his real talent valued while condemning the modern face of journalism where words are sold instead of being valued.


The plot of film is bit scattered & gloomy; it’s difficult to grasp what’s actually going on in the film initially. Mah e Mir visits many very serious issues of modern society and elaborate them from an unusual prospective of a struggling poet. The role of modern media is extensively being criticized in the film, but this time instead of overhasty reporting the criticism is based on covering fake celebrities and attractive models instead of powerful, original and factual content. Materialism prevailing in our society is also criticized directly and indirectly in the film.

Mah e Mir takes you from modern times to the times of Mir Taqi Mir, where one can witness the wretched love life of Mir and his sufferings. While reading preface of Mir’s poetry written by Dr.Kareem Jamal imagine himself as Mir and simulates his love and madness.



When it comes to acting, all the actors performed really well. Manzar Sehbai played his role as Dr. Kareem brilliantly. He meant every word coming from his mouth and his gestures are nothing less than perfect. Fahad Mustafa played both roles well but he should’ve taken inspiration from Naseer ud din Shah’s performance from the drama Ghalib, he lacked the essence of a grand poet such as Mir. Iman Ali’s acting as Mehtaab was lovely and her romantic scenes with Fahad Mustafa were really alluring.


Iman Ali always had a breath taking screen presence; I was expecting an alluring dance performance from her as she is playing a role of a courtesan. Her uncoordinated, sluggishly sloppy dance moves and unsynchronized lip-sing made here performance devastating. Mir Taqi Mir belonged to the Mughal era but the sets used as Nawab Sahab’s palace hardly delivers the grandeur of the courts of those times. The outfits and jewelry used by Iman Ali as Mehtaab seemed to be much ordinary hence inappropriate. I was expecting something magical, like her performance on “Ishq mohabbat apna pan” which is still fresh in my mind. Sanam Saeed and Alyy Khan were also part of film cast, both of them played their roles really well.



Mah e Mir is a literally rich film, hence it’s not everybody’s cup of tea. One needs a high level of intellect and deep interest in poetry to comprehend the message conveyed. Its plot can even depress an emotionally vulnerable person easily.

Mah e Mir is an endless, heartbreaking & breathtaking film, painted with colours of love, madness and poetry. It’s a piece of abstract art where a viewer comprehends the meaning according to his/her own state of mind, just like poetry.

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  1. May 10, 2016

    Wow 😀 Your description had motivated me to watch a Lollywood movie very soon 👍🏻

  2. Hashir
    May 8, 2016

    Such a nice review. Going to watch it to understand every plot of it which looks worth watching reading this review and yeah heard alot that this film is a game changer of this year.

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