[Review] Medora – Matte lipstick

Medora is famous all over Pakistan from years and many women swear by its quality, results and so. They are available almost everywhere throughout Pakistan. Lipsticks are available in three formula Matte, semi-matte, and glitter.

I have chosen matte lipsticks for a review as it is something trending nowadays and matte is something which goes well in spring season too. I got a combination of warm and nude tones in violet, dessert brown, dark cocoa, red diamond, and twig.


Un-boxing &First impression:

The best thing in its packaging is the outer box, which is normally not provided by drug store brands. It’s not something essential but it makes the product more presentable. Anyway, There is a sticker or label on boxes which shows the name and shade of lipstick but the color shown does not match with the actual product.

The container comes in a grey shade but containers were not fixed properly due to which I was facing an issue in twisting the lipstick. When I was looking for ingredients only one box was having details on it,on others detail was missing.


Formula and Pigmentation:

All matte lipsticks have same formula; ingredients are listed on the back of box.


Although colors are really nice, they have a wide range of selection too but when it comes to matte lip wear I just expect something to be super pigmented, kiss proof and long wearing. All colors have a slight difference in ease of application and results.

Dark cocoa, desert brown, and twig are warm nude shades. As compared to dark colors twig was a bit long wearing and it’s also provides a matte finish. I didn’t feel like a complete dryness in dark cocoa and desert brown they just felt like non-glittery creamy lipstick. These three shades are not kiss-proof at all but the pigmentation is good.



The last two shades I got are violet and red diamond. As for the violet, multiple applications are required to get one color on lips. Pigmentation is not very good and it leaves a purple stain on lips or skin when it is removed. Red diamond is the best so far in application result, it is really smooth and evenly pigmented with a very little sheen on it which makes it more acceptable as matte.


Overall Opinion and Suggestion:

Medora lipstick has a great value as it is for PKR 110/- only and they have a wide range of selection too. I would definitely buy more colors in it and in different formula too. The company needs to work a bit on some colors pigmentation and dryness. If someone wants to experiment with a nude must give this brand a try. Twig, red diamond, and desert brown are good spring colors but it does have a chance to melt away from your lips and ruin your make-up so you need to be careful with heavy application.

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