[Review] Philly Cheese Steak Angus Thick Burger

Hardee’ s new Philly Cheese Steak Angus Thick Burger is here to tease your taste buds. Hardee’s proves to be an innovative burger chain as the keep trying new and improved recopies of Thick burgers which never fail to impress food lovers. Hardee’s is the fifth largest food chain in it’s hometown America.

It’s a new addition to Hardee’s menu for FoodPanda customers in Lahore and Islamabad only. I was given a chance to try out this latest addition from the comforts of my home. Dining out with friends is always fun but getting delivered a meat loaded yummy burger at your home, where you can eat the way you like without caring about the world is another amazing experience. Luckily FoodPanda sent me a complimentary deal home.


Unlike most of the girls who prefer to stick to chicken burgers, I am a true beef lover. Philly Cheese Steak Angus Thick Burger is surely not as thick as portrayed in the pictures but its thick enough to fulfill one’s appetite. Its amazing ingredients include Angus beef thick burger patty piled high with sautéed peppers, onions and Swiss & American cheeses blend with the beef. Normally, I find burgers a little dry and lacking on sauce, but the Angus beef with cheeses blend & sautéed peppers was near to perfect. In fact it was warm and decadent, just as a burger such as this should be. It was incredibly delicious, incorporating just the right amount of juicy and tender texture. It crumbles with every bite, giving a rich flavor of the mix.

I will definitely be ordering this burger again and if you are a beef lover, you should too. Its price is PKR 890/- You can order it online here via Foodpanda.


Written by: Farwa Yasmin 

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