Us ka Kharam of Mah e Mir – A Candid Review

Mah e Mir (meaning the promiscuous moon) is an upcoming Pakistani biographical film directed by Anjum Shahzad, produced by Khurram Rana, Sahir Rasheed, Badar Ikram and written by Sarmad Sehbai. The film is focused on the life and struggles of classical master of Urdu Poetry Mir Taqi Mir – played by Fahad Mustafa. Iman Ali,Sanam Saeed are also featured in the lead roles.

The movie is expected to set new records for the Pakistani film industry as the ensemble cast assembled for it, has a strong presence and familiarity among the audience. With the music release happened last week on April 18th, the song “Uska Kharaam” has sent social media into a tizzy.



Here’s how the song hit me;

The Ambiance:

Mir Taqi Mir belonged to the Mughal era but the song hardly delivers the grandeur of the courts of those times. It lacks the magnificent royal setting in its true sense. The ambiance looks too bland and misses out on the mega-wattage of shimmery sets.  The elements like lotuses, diyas, and chandeliers are totally absent from the set up. The dominant white color in the background and the maroon-gold “Sunday bazaar walay” curtains are enough to turn the mood off. Overall, extravagant and colorful sets are not there to treat the audience essentially.

The Lead Actors:

Where I expected Iman to impart timeliness in her role and gleam with a graceful aura, I found her completely lost in another world while her mannerism conveys that “I-am-too-beyzaar-of-being-an-eye-candy-now-spare-me”.

Iman, playing the dancer of the royal courts of Mughal era, is supposedly the lover of Fahad Mustafa, but their looks towards each other fail to draw any passion between them. The song is, I’m sure, meant to pace a courtesan’s seductive presence with a protagonist’s descent into passionate love. However, Iman dons a straight, expressionless face with blanks eyes that hold no allure to captivate her lover. It looks like she isn’t singing the song but whispering it or she is struggling to sing because she cannot move him facial muscles much.

We all know Iman Ali has a breath taking screen presence; she is as pretty as a picture and someone that gorgeous, if works in a movie, should also dance like a dream. But her beauty fluidly moves from being dazzling to awkward with her uncoordinated, sluggishly sloppy dance moves. A song that could become a luscious spell binding dance sequence turns into a dreary puppets act. From the gaze to gesture to the groove, nothing is charismatic enough to nail it.

As for the heartthrob Fahad Mustafa, there’s something terrible wrong with the fez he is wearing and the way he is sitting. Maybe the plush pillow he is leaning on, has got bed bugs? *wonders* Throughout this 2 minutes long ordeal, he maintains an unexplained look on his face – “excuse-me-who-are-you-where-am-I”. He is no way thinking to hook up with the woman who is “dancing her sock off” to woo him. His suggestive awkwardness hints at “Baji some other time, may be?” I am extremely doubtful at how will he fare as the poet himself in the movie. *fingers crossed*

The Costume:

Although I expected some amazing and eye-catching outfits where we will see Iman carrying herself with elan in heavy ethnic wardrobe; she is wearing a “just-so-ordinary” anarkali dress with clichéd jewelry. I must say, she still commands grace in this okayish outfit. But the costume doesn’t create a drama that we expect from such kind of flicks. Those voluminous folds of zardosi and gem-encrusted robes gilded with resplendent accessories of courtesans are nowhere to be seen.

And I seriously fail to comprehend Fahad Mustafa’s post-master look.  So, no comments on that.


The movie might lack the opulence and magnificence of that era (as our film industry is currently working in limited budgets) but the chemistry between Fahad Mustafa and Iman Ali should be the main attraction that would make the affair worth watching. I hope it turns out to be a classic romantic tragedy leaving every one with a feeling of elation and satiation eventually.

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