Tea Max’s outrageous Match Making campaign

Real Life scenario:

You are sitting in the lounge with your family, watching the most popular news network in Pakistan and discussing if our PM should resign or not. And suddenly, a tea whitener’s Advertisement flashes on the screen. Everyone’s attention draws towards it just to realize later that it will be a total disappointment and embarrassment for each one of them.

The ad goes like this:

A typical drawing room rishta-finder-ritual is being carried out. The Janitor brings in the tea-tray and the prospective groom starts drinking the tea while he exchanges looks with the girl; everything is all nice and calm. But the real “magic” is yet to begin where “sipping” the tea will start “stripping” the girl off. The first sip by the guy takes off the Dupatta the girl is draping; the second leaves her sleeveless. (Thank God he didn’t take the third sip for I can’t even fathom what was coming next) The girl enjoys this the most as the guy starts jumping on the sofa. Seeing the “magic”, the guy’s dad couldn’t hold himself back; he quickly snatches the tea from his son and gives that meaningful dirty look to his wife. *Such vile naughty daddy*

That’s TEA MAX’s new match making campaignHAR GHOONTH MAIN JAADOO



I would like to ask the brand managers and the advertising agency what sort of “Jaadoo” they are hinting at with this commercial. Is it the idea that while a girl is being scrutinized during a rishta meeting, the guy sees beyond what was observable? OR Is it that stripping off your women in public a new fad in our country? Perhaps, the team was trying to insinuate that a tea whitener arouses your sexual desires and makes you sexually appealing? OR maybe, showing skin would give an air of confidence to girls for wooing a rather wimpy desperate guy?

Usually women are the primary target audience for tea whiteners as they are considered decision makers for such consumable products.   But I am sure no woman is comfortable with being objectified in such suggestive ads. Business owners, brand managers and advertising teams should realize what would be the impact of such advertising on our society’s attitudes, beliefs, and behavior? But no, they’re both trying to sell their products to women by selling women themselves. They are making sure; you can’t even watch a news channel with your family around.

Yes, we live in an age where advertising around the world is inundated with such ideas. Consumers resonate well with innuendos and subliminal messaging. And in order to follow the suit, our creative agencies are making a hopeless attempt at such kind of marketing, overlooking our cultural and religious values and the impact on people resulting in low self esteem and damaging habits of our youth.

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