Sapphire, “realistic inspiration” please.

With the advent of Prêt Wear in Pakistan, there are a few brands that have really carved a niche with trendy designs and managed to maintain & grow exponentially a loyal customer base. And Sapphire is indeed one of them.

Not only Sapphire has created a good recognition among Pakistani women but the clothing brand has also lifted the style game for many! Their facebook page is usually a good source of carefully curated inspiration and like many others I follow it closely. But to my disappointment, the other day I came across a farfetched styling idea which seemed more like an aspiration than an inspiration. A very casual tunic paired with “Chanel loafers” and a sun hat *scratches head*

Their social media team has always done a great job to amp up the tunics with right kind of accessories but complementing a mere 2000 rupees tunic with a 600 dollar Chanel Espadrilles is a little off. It looks edgy and cool? Not really. It’s, to a certain extent, an unrealistic approach to drive daily style inspiration for their target audience.

Sapphire Pret

Dear Team Sapphire, we need the kind of ideas that match our lifestyle and handy accessories that turn casual outfits into a completely chic ensemble. Please invest more time in understanding us – our aspirations. attitude and behavior. Looking forward to some great designs and ideas from you to help us enter into the realm of inspiring style.

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Sarky Sissy Written by:

Someone once told me " You are sarcastic and have a smart-ass attitude" I replied " It's my natural defense against drama and stupidity!" Pretty much sums me up!

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