Ali Zafar in awe of Mankind Angel

In a desperate attempt to do well out of Tahir Shah’s legendary Mankind Angel, Ali Zafar tried to pull off a “terrifically dramatic” rendition of Angel last week.

Ali’s version is shot in a gloomy atmosphere with a straight, fierce look on his face as he tries to take a jab at TS by pronouncing Angel as Ain-jul. While the original version cracked us up like anything, this one might make us catch depression. It sounds like a gloomy sonnet that might reduce you to tears.

Angel, released on 8th April, met with an overwhelming response around the world and the internet is gushing all the way about it. The rock star famed singer looks bowled over by TS’s performance and he (along with many other singers I m sure) is in fix as to how on earth TS has blown away everyone with such a random attempt and swarmed all social media platforms! I am sure he must be thinking day & night what can he do to get his presence acknowledged in Washington Post and BBC and he came up with this… turning a happy exuberant AINJUL into a sad gloomy GONER.

Satisfactory attempt Ali but maybe you need to rack your brain and charm the audience with some “original” creative stuff? Or maybe you need the TS’s magic wand and swish it around for a mind-blasting creation like his? Keep trying. Good luck!

Once again it’s evident that deep down inside, we all are TS’s gigantic fan. We all want to be AINJULs like him. Sooner or later, everyone will echo it.

Mankind Angel

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Sarky Sissy Written by:

Someone once told me " You are sarcastic and have a smart-ass attitude" I replied " It's my natural defense against drama and stupidity!" Pretty much sums me up!

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