DhoomBros present Hum Kahan Chal Diye

Social media is one of the most important for today’s generation but also it has become a wide platform for all and almost everything. The medium which provides people with news, gossip, entertainment and many more immediately with being just a click away. The trend of social media stars is increasing now a days. The same is the case with #TheDhoomBros.


Originally from Pakistan and currently based in New York, Hussain Asif, Shehryaar Asif, Atif Khan and Waqas Riaz, collectively called the #DhoomBros, are known globally for their success through youtube videos, vlogs, desi people videos, mehndi dances, dolly aunty videos, brown girls/guys series and short films.#TheDhoomBros fan base is popular as Dhoomies.

The have worked on topics like Blessings of Ramadan andThe Perfect Memory, Islam divided. Both videos were unlike the group’s usual comical parodies, but were still well-garnered by audiences. Recently the boys made videos on their 7 days trip to LA. #TheDhoomBros youtube channel has recently crossed 100K subscribers and they have more then one million of followers on their facebook official page.

Their fan base is just going crazy by day. Earlier we saw that DhoomBros were busy working on their upcoming project which is a drama named as “Hum Kahan Chal Diye”. The story is about a man who goes through a lot of struggle in life in order to be able to take a stand in life for himself and his sister. All four of the boys and their little sister Maha will be seen in the drama.The drama is written by Atif Khan, music is done by Asif Hassan, whereas the direction is performed by Shehryar Asif.1280x720-0QQ
The trailer was released on their youtube channel and facebook page on 1st Janurary’16. Till now two songs from this drama serial released earlier this year have already been taking the dhoomies by storm, (i-e) Chalte Chalte  and Dekhun tujhay tou ye sochta hun.


The premiere date for #DhoomBros drama project “Hum kahan chal diye”  is in the end of this month that is 29th April’16. The drama will be running on their youtube channel #DhoomBrosOfficial.


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