[Review] Givenchy Noir Couture 4 in 1 Mascara

I got this mascara sample from a monthly subscription sample program. Its packaging and product resemble exactly what we would get it as a full size.


First expression and un-boxing

I was very much excited when I got this as of these high-end products hype. It comes in a soft paper card box which can be easily bent or torn. Its container is really pretty formed with a good quality material, which is of course plastic, in black and metallic silver color.

This product is formulated to gain volume, length, curl and care in one single product, so it might be a suitable option when you are spending a good amount of money on single mascara. The applicator is the most compelling element; its shape is like of three linked spheres with an equal amount of bristles around it.



This sample is in shade 1 – Black stain – which I believe is the deep black color with a little sheen , which makes you lashes look healthy instead of dry and parched. The most fun thing to know about this, it’s not waterproof. It a good thing for me but might be discouraging for others. Even it’s not waterproof but it does not bleed and stays for a pretty long time. It is just easy to remove without the use of eye makeup remover.




Opinion and final thoughts:

When I applied it, it was easy and it gave a more dramatic look to my lashes without falsies. The cream comes in quite thick consistency; maybe it had some fiber in it which makes the lash hair look thicker and more in volume. I had not given my lashes curled effect, in fact, my lashes look lengthy, which I don’t like. No idea about what care it is providing to lashes.

The price of this product is more than its value.As the shelf life of mascara is only one year so it might not be in use for those who do makeup occasionally. Frequent mascara users must give it a try and even I would buy this product if I wouldn’t be able to find any better substitute.



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  1. Tiara
    April 13, 2016

    Thank u soo much for the review..Def i ll giv it a Try!!!

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