Dead Hearts & Lahore Blasts

Another terrorist attack on innocent people who were spending their holiday in Gulshan e Iqbal at Allama Iqbal Town, where there were attacks in past also. Those auspicious moments were burnt to ashes with their precious lives.

It was a day of Easter so there Christians also in park and both Muslims and Christians,  that were Pakistanis died in this blast. Pakistan suffered again, lost many precious lives. 72 lives were lost and over 300 were injured (Geo News) in this cowardice and brutal attack among which most of the victim’s were children and women.  It was reported that this devastating blast was in the Parking Area.

Every eye is wet,  so many families lost their loved ones and left them in never ending pain. In this time of pain and agony still we stand united but we are unhappy, saturnine and yet not generally silent. The blood donors (youth of Pakistan) were rushed to hospitals to donate blood and now many survives. I have seen many groups active to provide food to the effected families and patients at hospitals. There is still some humanity left in us

Careem and Uber newly launched taxi services, are offering free transport to those who are willing to donate blood and for transport of people got injured in the accident. Visit their respective pages for more details.

Beside this,  there are still many people waiting outside the hospitals without any food and water. The government along with the Lahoris is providing them the required provisions.

Pakistan Taliban Group “Jamat-ul-Ahrar” claimed the responsibility of this blast. Truly it is said that Terrorists have no religion. They just know how to kill, spill blood and make other suffer. We need to prove that there is still some humanity left in us, as its the only way we can survive and fight the Terrorism!

        We are Pakistanis

        We are Muslims

         We are not terrorists

         Free, we are


          United we stand



  1. If there were attacks in the past, why was there no security check?
  2. Should only the cantonment areas have security checks?
  3. Aren’t there any Pakistani outside the cantonment?
  4. why are people not submitting the NIC and other particulars of the renters, required to the nearest police station if they are giving their house on rent to them? Are they unaware? if they are then who will promote awareness?
  5. Do we have a proper check and balance?



Written by: Samreena Lodhi

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