Mujhe Kuch Kehna Hai – A Story of Realities & Challenges of Life

Mujhe Kuch Kehna Hai is a serial written by Nusrat Jabeen & directed by Shahood Alvi who also plays role of Muazzam in the serial.

Out in this big world marriage is a small little world that two individuals create with their social union, the world remains beautiful as long as both partners love and respect each other and do not take things for granted. Shazma and Muazzam live in one such world with their daughters but not happily ever after. Once a woman becomes a mother her priorities shifts to her children thus Shazma is no exception, After years of marital life, now she only enjoys being a mother as she is a good mother and she has forgotten that she is also a wife and has taken her marriage and Muazzam for granted and Muazzam is also oblivious of his part as a husband. Seemab a young, progressive and vibrant girl enters into Muazzam’s life and brings back color to his mundane and colorless life, and sets the world of Shazma off balance.

We will have to watch the serial to see what would be Shazma’s fate, how will she cope up with new realities and challenges of her life.

Stills and caste of the Mujhe Kuch Kehna Hai follow.








Character                   Name of the Artist

  1. Muazzam               Shahood Alvi
  2. Shazma                 Sabreen Isbahani
  3. Kamran                  Anwar Iqbal
  4. Seemab                 Meera Sethi
  5. Baseerat                Areesha Razi – Child
  6. Azra                       Faiza Gillani
  7. Shazia                   Kiran abbassi
  8. Nishaat                  Shazil Saad
  9. Naveed                  Ali Hassan
  10. New seerat            Mahi Baloch
  11. Seerat                   Kainat Khan

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