7up pulls off Most Amazimg Vending Machines Ever

We all hate melting heat of summer, exhausted with heat what we need is an ice cool refreshing drink. What everybody exactly need is a chilled 7up! and this is what team 7up provided for free one fine day, but there is a twist team 7up added to this plot. They introduced something we have never seen in Pakistan before, a “melting vending machine”. It’s not exactly a machine, they drilled holes in big ice slabs, placed 7up inside them and placed these melting vending machines at hottest areas around town. As the Ice melted the tins became accessible, which allowed passers-by to enjoy an ice cool tin in melting heat of Lahore.

They filmed an amazing video of the whole process which is filled with joy and pleasure of those who enjoyed the melting vending machine experience. The video features people of all age exhausted with heat, cheered up by the sight of this amazing vending machine. We can see many fans struggling and using different ways to get a 7uo which naturally brings a smile on one’s face, the video itself is refreshing enough and we can only imagine how amazing the experience would’ve really been. The expressions of those who successfully grabbed their 7up were priceless.

Team 7up seems to be determined to unleash new dimensions of marketing in Pakistan. They never hesitate from performing innovative experiments. It’s time for you to watch the video and find out how this concept actually worked.

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