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#MantoTheFilm, a Pakistani Movie based on  the Life of Saadat Hassan Manto, which will be released on 11th of September 2015. This film will describe the true story of the writer and the famous novelist Saadat Hassan Manto. It is directed by Sarmad Sultan Khoosat, written By journalist, television director and human rights activist Shahid Nadeem and produced By Asif Raza Mir.

Manto’s stories and novels have been explained through the film. In this film his private life situations and problems have also been shown, while his famous stories of the characters are also portrayed on the cinema screen.

#Manto is a Story of Saadat Hassan Manto, a controversial story writer of the Urdu language. The Director Sarmad Khoosat also plays the role of #Manto, Sania Saeed features as Saadat Hassan Manto’s wife Safiya #Manto, Saba Qamar as Noor Jahan (singer). Humayun Saeed, Savera Nadeem and Faisal Qureshi play roles of famous radio artists of that era.

#MantoTheFilm has drama, shades of love, empathy and tragedy wrapped in a harsh dark cover of reality from the past. The 20th century necrophilia plot revolves around Manto’s most controversial stories for which he had to face charges of obscenity. But labeling MANTO and his progressive writing as obscene and taboo was out of hatred and jealousy as we lost one of the best writers and story tellers of those times.

The songs of the movie which were recorded in complete darkness give you that feeling of cruelty and guilt. The venom which was injected into the body of #Manto by the society can be felt throughout the scores. Two of the scores which are worth a mention are Mehram Dilaan Dey Mahi by Meesha Shafi sung in dark and sensual way is a remake of the original by Surinder Kaur & Aah ko Chahiye an original by Mirza ghalib sung by Ali Sethi are truly outstanding.

The Masses might not find the Masala ingredients and Item numbers needed to make it a block-buster but movies like #Manto are restoring our faith in the Pakistani Cinema.


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