7Up Asal Foodies TVC Gives Voice To Food

Our favorite TV shows are often interrupted by a multitude of advertisements which result in changing the channel or checking our social networks during the ad break. There are only a few advertisements which catch our attention and we really enjoy the advertisement. Some brands like 7Up are bold enough to experiment and come up with results which have the potential of delighting the viewers. Their foodie double decker in Lahore and floating board in Karachi followed by the 7Up foodie cruise is proof that they’re not scared to try new things and also succeed in doing them. 7Up Asal Foodies is an animated advertisement which takes the love of food to a whole new level as Biryani & Chat are personified to enable them to have a mouth-watering conversation.

7Up Asal Foodies advertisement re-inforces the usual setting of food with 7Up and tells the story from food’s point of view. My all-time favourite Biryani is having a conversation with a Chaat, both of which are quite sure they are loved by the foodie. Both of them are arguing which one is the favorite until the Foodie comes and settles the debate. The only questionable part of the advertisement was that the Foodie didnt drink 7Up and the bottle hopped away at the end.

Asal Foodies Cafe7Up takes you inside a fun claymation world! Watch what happens when Biryani and Chaat are ordered at the same time! What would you have done #AsalFoodie?

Posted by 7Up on Thursday, 20 August 2015

You can watch the 7Up Asal Foodies advertisement on the 7Up Facebook Page.


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