Nestle Launches Choose Wellness, Choose Nestle Campaign

Nestlé being the Leader in Nutrition, Health and Wellness (NHW), aims to enhance the quality of life of people of Pakistan by bringing nutrition through its products and healthy lifestyle through its healthy activities to all consumers in Pakistan.

Nestlé believes that it is not only the lack of food, but the lack of right knowledge, which causes consumption of food with low nutritional value, hence triggering the vicious cycle of malnutrition.  The key to our success as the leading NHW Company is ensuring that we equip our employees and consumers with sufficient nutritional knowledge.

To reach this goal, Nestlé has launched Choose Wellness, Choose Nestle across the major cities of Pakistan, which is a multi-brand campaign. In this activity, each consumer gets his or her basic health check which includes Body Mass Index, Blood Pressure and Bone Mass Density from a qualified Nutritionist followed by a counseling session based on their health status.



The activity also features a Good Nutrition Parenting Center that guides concerned parents on the right nutrition for their children as well as a MILO gaming center driving healthy lifestyles activities. It also includes a section creating awareness on healthy digestion under ACTIPLUS and talking about refreshingly tasty Nestlé FRUITAVITALS with less than 100 Kcal per glass. Lastly, there is a sampling booth for MAGGI where consumers can try the tastiest and healthiest noodles available in the market.

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