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Karachi Se Lahore – a comedy road film directed and produced by Wajahat Rauf was premiered on July 31, 2015 in Cinestar Lahore. The film’s story is written by Yasir Hussain, featuring Shehzad Sheikh and Ayesha Omar in lead role. Other stars in the movie include Javed Sheikh, Mantaha Tareen Maqsood, Yasir Hussain, Ahmed Ali, Eshita Syed, Aashir Wajahat and Rasheed Naz.

The movie revolves around Zaeem (Shehzad Sheikh) who unfortunately has been maltreated in every walk of his life. Whether it’s about Zaeem’s parents, girlfriend or bosses; everyone mistreated this poor beautiful guy (in lighter tone, though)! Zaeem happens to be one of the typical types of boyfriends who just can’t bear annoyance of their girlfriend(s). Asho (Eshita Syed), Zaeem’s greedy girlfriend, betrays him and heads towards Lahore to marry his cousin Timmy who is from Canada. Zaeem musters up courage and plans to stand up first the time for himself and reach Lahore to stop the planned wedding. So this sets the beginning from Karachi se Lahore road trip! Zaeem along with his three friends and his neighbour Maryam (Ayesha Omar), and Zeezo (Maryam’s younger brother) sets for a trip from Karachi se Lahore on a lovely Jeepoo. This road trip dipped in mild sense of humour of the writer (that in some scenes goes into “typical modern” sense of humour or in odd words you may call it “Jughat Bazi”) brings broad smiles/ laughter on the faces of viewers. The character of Moti (Zaeem’s friend) creates some very good bunches of laughter for viewers. However, things get bit annoying when there are unduly elongating, unfair and typical puns involving Pathans.

And once again, just like YNH’s movie Wrong No., the most disappointing factor was inclusion of “item numbers” that were two in number in this movie. I wonder young Pakistani writers have been blessed with awesome imagination and ability of writing but still they have not been able to set their minds free from the phobia that a movie won’t get the likes unless it contains “masala” thingy (and that too stolen from Bollywood). However, other song Aja Ree Aja was harmonizing. Heart gets filled with pleasure watching the original Lahore toned Basanti song by Sheraz Upal. Thumbs up for this inclusion! And yes how about sound effects and direction! Yap. That’s pleasant!

So what happens next? Does Zaeem find his love? For this, if you want to know, you better watch this not so blockbuster movie yourself!

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  1. Taha Jamil
    October 16, 2017

    It Is A Very Nice Movie

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