My Eid Day

Eid is usually a day full of pleasure and greetings, fun, visits to friends and cousins. Yet, it was a day full of misery, pain and despair for the residents of Karachi, the victims of the flood, for families who have lost their family members in the bomb blasts and other terrorist activities, for those who no longer have a shelter or clothes to escape from the heavy monsoon rainfalls or food and medicines to protect them from the prevailing diseases.

In today’s world, no one really bothers to think about them. However, one should imagine himself at their place and then try to help them in as many ways as he can. Where we were going out and enjoying, wearing new clothes, jewelry and the girls wore mehndi on their hands, the residents of Karachi could barely step out of their home, let alone them wearing new clothes. Where we were smiling and having fun, the sufferers had broken hearts and tears in their eyes.

On Eid, I woke up early in the morning, wore new clothes, offered the Eid prayer and ate a sweet dish made by my mother. Later, I had some friends over and together we went to have lunch at a restaurant in Gulberg. On my way, moving on, I saw some children roaming around on the roads, some walking in the middle of the road, without fearing that a car might run over them. Such a sad thing in our country that the poverty rate is so high that the even the children are ought to beg or are pushed out of their homes to go and earn money. They are so young and they need to be sleeping peacefully in their mother’s lap or must be going to school at that age. However, considering the current situation of poverty, literacy rate and helplessness in our country, of course, it is not possible.

As we entered the restaurant, I saw around:  there were waiters, cook, the manager and all the other staff. The weird thing was that they were on their jobs even on the Eid day. What for? Was it that they were not Muslims so it did not bother them to be on their job that day or maybe they were there to earn some more money to be able to go home with some gifts for their children? Whatever the reason was, it would have been an important one. We moved on to have lunch and everyone discussed how much Eidi they received. We left some tip money for the waiter while paying the bill. On the way back, we stopped to get some fresh air at an entertainment park and returned home after that.

Quite a thoughtful day it was. I had expected I will enjoy and have the time of my life with my family and friends but the day was an odd one. I had been busy in my own thoughts for the whole day, not really listening to the gossip my friends were doing or listening to the updates about the new movies being released etc. But what difference will my thoughts make? Unless and until, the youth of Pakistan thinks and becomes determined to bring about a change, nothing can be done about anything.


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