Time to Revive Social Solvency in Ramazan

“Yar please, mujhy tang na kar, mera roza hai”
(Please don’t perturb me, I am fasting.)

“Sir roza tha tou kam complete nahi ho ska. Sorry!”
(Sorry Sir, I was fasting so could not complete my work.)

“Ramazan hai Sir, Tests na lain. Study nahi hoti rozay k sath”
(Sir, please don’t announce test during ramazan. It’s hard to study during Ramazan.)

“Had hogae hai yar, phal sabzi ki qeemat double ho jati hai Ramazan ma”
(That’s too much! Vegetable and fruit prices get doubled during Ramazan.)

“Sahib, yahi Eid k din hi tou hoty hain kamai karny k, baqi sara sal to manda hi rehta ha.”
(These are the days to make money, Sir. Rest of the year, it’s off.)

You must be encountering with such statements in your homes, work places, markets, bazars, and universities etc nowadays. During the sacrosanct month of Ramazan, every Muslim naturally gets closer to his / her Creator to accumulate the maximum blessings of Almighty Allah. S/he attempts to offer Namaz and other adorations with more dedication and zeal than in other remaining months of the year. But at the same time, a good number of us tend to behave in a way that drains away the key essence of the holy month. A good number of us become peevish, lose temperament soon and get annoyed over petty matters, specially during fasting time. Shopkeepers and businessmen find Ramazan a best month to double their profits. The entire way of living gets changed completely.
No doubt it is quite natural that hunger and thirst leaves human patience at stake but where Ramazan is a source to get closer to our Creator there, at the same time, it teaches us to be tolerant and patient. It is, in fact, the real source to get into the good books of Almighty to behave politely and decently with His creature. For adorations only, angels were and are doing the job perfectly. Then, there is another point that is closely associated with this entire phenomenon is taking undue privilege of fasting. If we fast, we don’t favour anyone else. It is for us; its spiritual and physical benefits are for no one else except for our own-self. Above all, it is a matter between you and your God, you are not rightly supposed to say, “I was fasting, so couldn’t do my task.” Or “Do not disturb me, I am fasting” etc. Shirking your duties and expecting favour from others on account that you are fasting, is completely defaming the essence of Ramazan.
I have witnessed few incidents where I came across pretty handsome discount offers abroad and the reason I was told was the fast approaching Christmas. Period. But when I look around in my inflation stricken society, unfortunately, tables seem upturned. Shopkeepers, specially vegetable and fruit carts holders, seem to have grabbed a sole opportunity to make bucks for the entire year during Ramazan. This argument might hold roots that price hike during Ramazan is beyond the control of shopkeepers but what about the hoarding of discounted price goods (which are particularly produced during the month of Ramazan to facilitate low income families) that are sold after Ramazan at actual price to secure more profits? Now, it is not the fault of government, but our character!

These days, every now and then, we come across slogans of change. Actually, where we need a change in leadership style to overcome the threat of economic insolvency there we are also in sheer need of change in our character and mindset too in order to surmount “social and moral bankruptcy”. I am not too sure about former change slogan but the later one can definitely be achieved up to very good extent in the upcoming month of Ramazan. It is just a matter of our willingness. The blissful month of Ramazan promises a revival of a pious and prosperous living. Along with offering Namaz and other adorations with more dedication and zeal, we ought to say no to peevishness, shirking duties, hoardings of consumer goods, making undue profits, back biting; and reform our moralities to revive social solvency. Ameen!  🙂

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FD Sheikh Written by:

FD is a freelance writer for DAWN & The News and works at A. F. Ferguson, Lahore office. He is CA (Finalist) and can be reached at fdsheikh@yahoo.com