Praying Changes Life


Exactly one year ago, before the month of ramazan life was harsh, i would have been more than pleased to die at that time. Being a Muslim i know that prying for death and attempting any kind of suicidal activity is forbidden in Islam but still i was not being able to cope up with the challenges life had thrown in my direction. I was not sure how to exactly behave in such situation where i no longer had the urge to live but had a strong feeling to end everything. I started praying, knowing that i have not been a good Muslim and have been weak in following the rules and customs of my religion, I started praying, not because I wanted a miracle to happen and everything goes back to normal but to ask God to help me build the strength to face everything that life has for me. Then there was the month of ramazan, I was fasting like every year but this time I was also constantly praying to God to help me change my life and to make it the way i want.After two months of ramazan things really began to fall in place. I was more than happy to observe the changes that were taking place in my life in just a short period of time.

Since then, I’ve been praying regularly for all the goods and bad and all the ups and downs of my life. Praying (offering namaz) has now become a habit and for every Muslim it should be part of the daily routine.

Praying to God is very important in every religion because in this world no human has the power to control fate. It is true that you built your own future but the fact relates to have faith in God no matter to what religion you belong, to believe in you Creator, it is the only way to  get the strength to make changes and stand tall in your life despite whatever is going on. It is said that if you pray for something with your heart and true belief in God, you’ll get it but only if it’s good for you, if not God has many ways to surprise you. Just remember to believe in your passion, your prayers, your religion and in yourself.

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